Mark, 46, lived his entire life in Miami up until three years ago.  His world has been rich with gifts of multi-layered artistic and musical creativity plus a variety of physical activities.  Painting has always been Mark's passion, producing brilliantly colorful and imaginative illustrations in oil and acrylic.  For many years Mark has made a career of working freelance in interior design of commercial and private space.  In his spare time he has enjoyed mountain biking and drumming, and in the past several months has been writing a novel about a world class adventurer.

Mark had always dreamed of living in New York.    Five years ago dreams came true when Mark and Teri Seier met on New Year's Eve while he was on a holiday visit to relatives living in the NY suburbs.


Teri and Mark began their active and athletic life together living for a time in Mark's hometown.  When Mark's design job was completed, he brought Teri back to New York City to further his career.  Teri then changed her career path from traveling on cruise ships as musical theatre choreographer to certified Pilates instructor in order to be home every day.  

Both Teri and Mark have tremendous love for animals.   Mark's compassionate heart compelled him to hand over one hundred dollars to a group of teens and buy the starving, abused dog they had kept tied to a tree.   He took in a feral kitten from the streets of Miami Beach.   Their marriage, so new, was beginning to flourish as they settled in the Inwood neighborhood of Northern Manhattan with Sasha, their dog, and now a total of three young cats, all from the street.

On September 20th Mark was talking with a neighbor when an agitated man approached them making a motion to attack Mark's friend.  Mark asked the man to leave and, without any warning whatsoever, the man slammed Mark with a vicious punch from behind.  Mark had no means of defense as he had recently become afflicted and diagnosed with wrist drop, also known as radial nerve palsy.  Mark was immediately knocked down, hitting his head on the cement.  Witnesses recount the attacker then sitting on Mark, who was now unconscious, and repeatedly beating his face.   As sirens sounded, the attacker, known in their tightly-knit neighborhood for his violent behavior, simply walked away, leaving Mark helpless on the ground.  

The attacker is out on bail and still in the neighborhood while Mark lays motionless, trapped in his body with a fractured C6 vertebrae, three hematoma on his brain, his jaw fractured in two places, his chin shattered and replaced with steel and a tracheotomy tube to help him breathe with a respirator.  

The neurologists in the acute critical care ward will not speculate any details on Mark's prognosis but have clearly stated "he will not be the same."

Teri's world is now shattered a second time... on September 11th she lost her longtime boyfriend, FDNY Capt. William F. Burke, Jr., in the World Trade Center attacks.  It took years for Teri to find her way back to herself and then finally in the glow of Mark Moore's love and devotion.

MARK MOORE, a gentle and soft-spoken artist, was severely beaten in a random, vicious attack in his Manhattan neighborhood on the afternoon of September 20, 2013.  

Mark has been comatose ever since.

A neighbor took a series of photographs as the
FDNY and paramedics arrived at the scene.

This website is an effort and plea to raise funds to maintain quality of care and rehabilitation for Mark

while at the same time allowing them to live close to where he must be treated.  

The attack on Mark has caused brain damage.  

The doctors said ongoing physical and occupational therapy is critical, but they have no insurance or savings.    

As soon as Mark is able to be moved away from his New York City doctors, Teri will relocate them back to Miami 

to be near his family and where Mark can continue to be rehabilitated by one of the best centers in the country.

. . . 

This website was created for Mark & Teri with love, prayers and a lot of tears

This website was first published October 6, 2013.  
The latest update is January 24, 2014.

Miami photos will be added soon.